Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wonder woman

I am a wonder woman. One who wonders a lot, question loads and reflect heaps. In spite of this, how much did I comprehend with my queries I have yet to find out.

Few books that I have read suggested that in order to find the truth, what we want or to understand our behaviour, all we need to do is to search within. What is going within? How many people really practice to quiet one’s mind and communicate with ourselves? Is talking to ourselves regard as going within?

What kind of answer shall we anticipate from this question? I suppose it depends on how we look at it. Why is it not effortless to go within when it could be? The complexity comes from our mind. We seem to stop “wanting” to see the diamond within us that could shine or we have forgotten that we are capable of polishing the precious rock within us.

So how do we polish this precious rock? Of course we do not clean it literally which I personally prefer because it seems straightforward and trouble-free. However we know that this cleansing requires more effort than we would like.

Many badly informed people assume that meditation could cause damaging effect like insanity to individuals as opposed to a path to searching the light within us and the benefits we may possibly gain from meditation.

Aren’t having more thoughts, particularly negatives, could result more destructive and unfavourable effect instead?

I suppose we don’t need to meditate to go within. In one of Rosemary Altea’s books – Proud Spirit – her guide, Grey Eagle, says that if we could look at ourselves each day beyond our wrinkles, our skin conditions, lines and imperfection; with love and gentleness to ourselves we will find ourselves, our soul and we will find peace.

It seems that by truly looking within ourselves we become conscious of our behaviour and deeds. On top of that we will also find the root cause and its name is….fear.

Fear handicaps us. Not because it happens nor it is meant to be. I believe it is because we allow it to paralyse us; we encourage it to corrupt and distort us further mentally and emotionally.

If we could manipulate ourselves to soak up the unwanted anxiety and fear we do not need, I am sure we can apply a more positive attitude to look within ourselves to find the light we each have inside us.

[1] Rosemary Altea, Proud Spirit, Eagle Brook, New York, 1997, p.217
[2] abid, p.225

Optical illusion

Am what I see here and now real or simply an optical illusion? Are we really separated between the earth and the spirit world? Or are we too caught up with our material world that we couldn’t see what are meant to be?

I got up almost every morning wondering if I am still dreaming or finally “awakened” from my sleep.

So, are my dreams an optical illusion or my daily activities appear to be a delusion instead?

These questions will remain unanswered….or is it my responsibility and mission to discover the mystery?

As the incredible hawk soar high and mighty in the sky it contemplates how many would reflect on the fine line between the two worlds that is worth examining.

Monday, December 17, 2007