Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trapped In My Own World?

I had a wonderful time with my new friends last night.

However each time I enjoyed myself I feel bad later. I am concern if I have gone overboard or have I misbehaved or said something I shouldn't have.

I am very grateful to G for giving me another opportunity to understand myself and finding my path again. Perhaps the issue is not about whether I am walking my path, instead is to at least try to find my way?

I must rememeber that I am who I am and I can't possibly worry about how others think of me all the time. It is important to reflect ourselves but have I overdone it?
Dear G can You give me strenghth and wisdom to overcome my fear....fear of being myself. I thank You for all the love You sent to me and I believe there are more love You are sending my way. I am very grateful to You, thank You.
I pray for a miracle that I want most in my life now. You have given lots of miracles to me and I really appreciate Your kindness. I love You.


Janus said...

Kido you still around?

Angela Brooks said...

Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Can I contact you through email?. Please email me back.